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Savings with Extra Repayment Calculator

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To enable you to understand the additional repayments on your home loan and understand the alteration of the interest on the loan and the duration, an extra repayment calculator is provided.


How can Extra Repayment Calculator help?

Extra Repayment Calculator lets us calculate the amount to be paid and helps you pay a little extra which makes a huge difference in the long run. By doing so, it lets you reduce the amount that your home loan interest is calculated on. If your home loan enables you to make payments additionally without any penalty, then incurring those additions will benefit you in the long run.


Tips for Repaying your Home Loan:

1. Set a Budget

It is the foremost step before deciding the property to be bought. Sit down and set a budget for yourself. This allows you to evaluate the cash on hand and how much extra can you afford to spend in terms of interest rate. This should not affect your everyday expenses.

2. Check your Ability to Pay that ‘Extra’

Generally, when you are looking for a variable home loan, there will usually not be any limit to how much you can pay in extra repayments. If you are opting for a fixed rate, there are few lenders who provide the same either annually or over the entire life of the home loan. Make sure that you understand what loan and when you need to pay so that if will help you decide accordingly.

3. Utilization of Available Features

The ability to make extra repayments is one of the most popular features for borrowers, but it’s not the only one! Additional features, like an offset account, can help you pay off your home loan faster and reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan.

4. Check out the Options on Break Fees!

Due to early repayment of home loans with available additional features, you usually hit the break fees too early. This break fees covers the cost of the pending amount that the lender usually misses out due to early repayment.

5. Find the Best Home Loan

It is important to find the best home loan provider to be aware of the terms and budget before starting the next procedure. Use the home loan search tools available to get the best loans to suit your needs.


Happy Property Buying!